Deep Sea Wonders

Kooky cucumber

Sea cucumbers like this one (Peniagone diaphana) are thought to make up a significant proportion of the animal biomass at the seafloor in some regions of the deep ocean.



Glowworm of the deep

The scale worm (Polynoid polychaete) is one of the many bioluminescent creatures of the deep sea. Its scales glow in the dark.



White worm

This enteropneust acorn worm is of the Southern White variety. They have no eyes, no obvious sense organs or brain, but there is a head end, tail end and the primitive body plan of backboned animals is established.


Visible cucumber

The internal organs of this sea cucumber (Peniagone diaphana) are visible within its outer covering.


Deep-sea predator

This deep-sea jellyfish (Trachymedusa) feeds on plankton and small crustacea near the seafloor.


Ridge runner

This sea cucumber (Peniagone porcella) feeds on the seafloor but is capable of swimming.


Star of the show

This specialized starfish, also known as a basket star or Gorgonocephalus, captures krill in its intricate arms.


Comb jelly

This comb jelly was found close to the seafloor on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a tectonic plate boundary.


Pretty weird in pink

The Northern Pink variety of the deep-sea acorn worm leaves behind characteristic spiral traces on the seafloor of the North Atlantic.

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